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What should you have for dinner?

What should you have for dinner?

It’s the question that graces our lips almost daily. Whether you are cooking at home or out for dinner, it can be the hardest decision we make some days! If you’re going out for dinner because you can’t be bothered to cook tonight, its someone’s birthday, a romantic date night or simply because you’re having a little bit of a “treat yo’ self” moment, the answer is two words: Dennys. Kitchen.

Why? Well for starters there is our brand new Spring/Summer menu (but you are probably already pretty keen for that). Inspired by Italian street food and the light modern twist we’re known for, we really have something for everyone and definitely something new if you are looking to broaden your horizons. If we haven’t already won you over, let us treat you to not one, but two courses of from our extensive selection for $25. It seems too good to be true, and frankly we can’t believe it either but we couldn’t think of a more fantastic way to showcase what we’re proud to do here at Dennys!

Whether you love an Arancini entrée with your Herb Encrusted Lamb or a Semifreddo to top off the Handmade Three Cheese Ravioli there’s no way you can go wrong. Not to mention the endless combinations of courses that will have you coming back to try everything else on the menu. With a new cocktail every month invented by our very own talented bar staff, refreshed locally sourced wine list and the atmosphere for any occasion.

Here at Denny’s we’ve certainly got you covered! Although we can’t guarantee the decision of exactly what to get off our menu will be any easier, we can assure you nothing will be the wrong choice. If all else fails with the tedious decision making that perplexes us all when dinner time comes around, just ask our amazing staff! Seriously. These guys would eat here every day if they could… come to think of it they have been known to take advantage of the two for $25 on rare nights off from serving all you lovely folks!

A New Menu at Dennys Kitchen

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Just as the warmer weather means sun, sand and surf to Geelong and the Bellarine, to us all here at Dennys it means a world of possibilities. A shiny new delivery of ideas, fresh produce, seasonal ingredients, cocktails, and experimentation…

It’s that time of year again! A New Menu at Denny Kitchen! The weathers warming up, the days are longer and everything seems a little bit brighter. Something else you might’ve noticed is all your favourite haunts in Geelong exhibiting their new ‘spring/summer’ menus like they’re Versace with a new collection.

Well, it’s probably no surprise but here at Dennys we’re well and truly on the seasonal menu bandwagon too with a New Menu at Dennys Kitchen. I know what you’re thinking; well, I don’t really but I’m guessing it’s along the lines of “if it’s not broken…” or “CAN I STILL GET NONNA’S RAGU???”.

Don’t panic, our famous Ragu isn’t going anywhere just because the cold weather has left us. The question does remain, why are we changing (if I may say so myself) the rather delicious menu we’ve had for the last three months? To be honest, it’s because we just really love food!

Hell, we’re even totally revamping our wine list because were just that excited! The inspired Kelly Adamo (Head Chef), along with Jen (the mind behind our mouth-watering buttered popcorn and salted caramel panna cotta), Bobbi and Jed, has created our new menu which is the perfect blend of Geelong and sunny southern Italy. Think beautiful locally sourced seafood, handmade pasta and the zesty citrus twist of an Aparol Spritz or our current ‘Cocktail of the Month’: Lemon Meringue Martini. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the Amalfi Coast without even leaving our historic bluestone surrounds.