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Don’t let the summer shred steer you away from enjoying a dining experience!

Now we all know it is the time of year to eat, drink and be very merry with our families and friends. Funnily enough- this is NOT a crime, it is called living your life! With 28 day challenges and your Bikini Babes splashing their theories around and hyperventilating on what to eat and what… Read more »

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Gnocc gnocc gnocchi on heaven’s door….

One classic Italian dish whose popularity is universal in the fabulous dish gnocchi. Traditionally a dish that replaces soup as and entrée its origins date back to roman times, the word gnocchi is a derivative of a knot in wood, the original version of gnocchi is a semolina based porridge bound with eggs. The gnocchi dish we… Read more »

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To Brooklyn, New York for a world class lesson in Pizza

To Brooklyn, New York for a world class lesson in Pizza Walking across the fabulous Brookly Bridge in the hipster enclave of Brooklyn an enormous convertible speeds past, the passenger screams to the throng of tourists enjoying brilliant sunshine, “welcome to Brooklyn” in a thick New York accent. I’m on my way to see Paulie… Read more »

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